Two long weekends in a row…

Last weekend was a bit of a long weekend.  Jobs down in Atlanta, and then we left at 6am to be part of the Louisville Merle Haggard Tribute.  That was a really fun gig, despite how I came scrambling in last minute.  I got to play with a couple of really quality pickers (including Steve Cooley and Michael Cleveland) and I saw a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  I was dead tired getting back, but it beat the weekend before, where we had a 2-night at a casino AND A GUY DIED WHILE WE WERE PLAYING!

Yeah, I was out with Lunar Beach House, and we had a dude keel over down on the floor while we were rocking some Jimmy Buffet – at least he went happy!  Easy weekend this weekend, funeral tomorrow and Easter service on Sunday.

Thanks to Lou Tingle for the picture from the Merle gig – I needed a new profile picture anyways!



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