This weekend will be busy, but it doesn’t compare to last weekend!

Last weekend was a fun run – four jobs in two days!  I started with a killer show with DonnyBrook at Parlay Social, a pretty decent club in Lexington.  We’ve played there several times before, and each time was a lot of fun.  This time though, was looking a little dead, and when we went on at 9:30 I was worried it was going to be a slow night.  That all changed at 9:45 when four batchelorette parties walked in.  I haven’t had so much fun in a while – and the crowd was really, really into it.  Congratulations to Star, Brittany, Jessica, and Emily – you guys (and your crews) were a ton of fun.

Saturday morning started early, playing with The Giants Across The Waters at the Horsey Hundred ride in downtown Frankfort KY.  The Horsey Hundred is a giant (2,300 riders) cycle ride across central Kentucky, and while we’ve played it before, it’s always impressive to see how many people are out and riding before we even get set up at 8am!  Elliott Beckley came out and ran sound for us, which was really appreciated, since his rig is substantially better than mine – and that’s saying something.  Afterwards, we hit up the local Vietnamese place for lunch, which was a very good decision.

I then had to head out to Bardstown KY for a private wedding.  I play a lot of these, and they’re always different, but this one was even more remarkable – it was at My Old Kentucky Home.  It was a beautiful service, and I was lucky to get to play with my mother and aunt among others – it’s wonderful having a full string section with you.  I didn’t play the reception though (although I heard a ton of stories about the band that did, and I think I’ll write another post to deal with that later) because I had to sprint out to Harrodsburg for a graduation party w/DonnyBrook.

This was a really cool setup, because the hosts had covered their entire yard in a tent!  It turned out to be a combination birthday/graduation party, so we danced, sang, hung out, and had a blast until way later than we should have been making that much noise!  Thanks a ton to the Romundi’s for having us out.

This weekend should be fun too – Friday night we’re (DonnyBrook) headlining at Seton Fair, which I’ve never been to, but everybody says is a lot of fun for a good cause, and Saturday we’re (DonnyBrook again) at the Capitol City Expo in Frankfort KY.  I have been to that, and based on what I saw last year, it’s likely to get a little rowdy – but we’re on early, so I’m thinking our slot at least will be family friendly.

I’ve got a couple more topics to post coming up, so look for some more updates in the near future…

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